Labor, Employment & Service Laws

Employment LAw

Compliance with Employment and Labour law have become one of the most important issues that any Company operating in India needs to deal with. We are adept in advising clients on the plethora of regulations that need to be complied with by companies in relation to employee hiring, termination and disciplinary actions, departmental enquiry proceedings, sexual harassment, pay, salary & pension matters, HR policies, employees trade secrecy/data breach violations etc. The firm also assists other clients in handling sexual harassment complaints and policy enforcement processes.

Apart from the above, in field of Labor, Employment & Service Laws, the Firm regularly advises clients and represents them with respect to : -

  • Regulatory and Statutory Compliances specifically those relating to employee-employer relationships; Conduct of Government Employees, Officers, Servants as prescribed under the Civil Conduct Rules (of the Centre & States) and such subordinate legislations under Article 309 of the Constitution of India.
  • Employment Agreements
  • Niceties pertaining to Confidentiality and Trade Secrets Exposure
  • Labour & Industrial Disputes arising on a regular basis between labor and their management.
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment Legal Framework and Policies.